Stalemate (Patti)

Chess pieces making a bloody mess of each oher.
A study on stop motion animation with play-doh from 2003.

A frog eats a fly.

A fly buzzes and i then eaten by a frog.
A study on stop motion animation with play-doh from 2002.


Bad Tanking

A proposition for a World of Tanks clan (Tanking Bad) emblem from 2013.
Scetched with pen and paper, then scanned and drawn over using various software.
Tried to have some level of detail, while having the image scale down to a small icon and still be recognizable.
I think one of the models for the tank was T-34.

Bad Tanking
Hymy (Smile)

Oil pastel from 2006. Was scetched on one sheet and split in order to get the three frames.
It was surprisingly hard to get the gray and black ink texts right on the passe-partout.
I used an empty ballpoint pen to press the texts and then apply ink on the depressions so it wouldn't spread allover.

Hymy (Smile), 2006
Käsi (Hand)

A pencil work from 2001.

Käsi (Hand)
What's up

Ink from 1999. Fun idea, lots of repetition.

What's up
Self Portrait

Self portrait from 1997 done for high school arts class with oil pastel.

Self Portrait (Omakuva)

3D Graphics


Emblem for a World of Tanks clan (Tanking Bad). Done in 2013.
(Clan name was inspired by a TV-series, which none of the founding members had seen.)

Dogs playing poker

"Bluff was written all over him", "The dogs playing poker" and "His eyes gave out the slow play"
A series inspired by WSOP and the works of C. M. Coolidge. Scripted and rendered during 2006-2007.
Biggest POV-ray script I've done. Required approximately 2500 lines of code and some work with bitmaps.

Dogs playing poker

A practice work done in 2006 as a part of a computer graphics course at Tampere University of Technology.